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Meet Laura Lochrin from Glasgow, Scotland who moved to LA 5 years ago with her family, mainly to pursue a healthier outdoor lifestyle for her daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis

Laura soon settled into a new Californian life and she was able to take time to launch her Interior Design Business – ‘Laura Lochrin Interiors’.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA? I loved the lifestyle – the surfing, the hiking, the horse riding – and of course the Sunshine – definitely a little different from the West Coast of Scotland! Also we wanted our daughter to attend Children's Hospital Los Angeles

What do you miss most from home? Of course family… but other than that it's got to be the food!! It's ridiculous, when I visit home I know I’m leaving at least 10lbs up! I really miss a good Indian, a good Chinese, a chippy and Wagamama….I also really miss Sainsbury'sand*Marks & Spencer What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since? My expectation was always that it …


Thank you to Brits in LA members, Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant for inviting me on their new podcast --  Where they interview Brits who have made the leap and settled across the pond in LA.

It was a whole bunch of fun and excited to see where the girls take the show.

You can listen to my interview and many others at the webpage.

From the Nottingham Coal Mines to the Hills of Hollywood           
Craig Robert Young talks to Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant about being a working actor in LA, becoming a YouTube sensation and a rather dodgy job he once held at the Playboy Mansion. He is currently directing his own sitcom about Hollywood celebrity assistants, and together with the wonderful Eileen Lee, he runs the brilliant Brits in LA social group (a must for all Anglophiles to join). Son of a coal miner in real life, Craig explains how his first professional job was aged 10 when he played a coal miner’s son in Barry Hine’s 'The Price of Coal' at the …

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Troubling times we live in…April 16, 2017 12:27 pm· Welcome to California, USA. San Bernadino to be precise, where yet again another unfortunate gun violence tragedy has occurred. Cedric Johnson, 53, flipped the switch and decided he was going to kill his wife, Karen Smith, also 53, a special needs teacher at a nearby elementary school. Two innocent children wer also among the victims before he before he turned the gun on himself. Time for a pint: The Yorkshire Square Brewery in Torrance I don’t have kids, but if I did I’d like to think when I dropped them at school that it would be a worry-free, safe place for them. And of course this is not the first school-reported incident, I hate to remind you of Sandy Hook where not only did dozens of parents suffer the most horrific losses possible but they must now contend with Sandy Hook deniers who claim the whole thing was a fake designed to whip up a gun-control fervor and who abuse the bereaved in public and on social media. But living her…


Meet a Member: Elliott Lester· Meet Elliott Lester from London, who moved to LA 23 years ago to pursue film-making. Was there a particular reason you chose LA? I came straight from university so I’ve been here a long time. LA had always been on my radar as I felt there were more opportunities here for where I wanted to take my career. There are no limits to any of my dreams in LA. What do you miss most from home? Malt loaf What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since?  I felt like I was in every movie I’d ever seen when I was in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe I was here – it just took my breath away. Now it is far more densely populated and feels more corporate. And of course traffic is a lot worse. LA has become more diverse and food has got a lot better here. There are some really good ethnic restaurants now and a bubbling art scene. It is a lot more expensive though than when I first arrived. What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus London? Physica…