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Keep Your Wits! - LOCAL NEWS

... So we all know from the outside people back home can view  LA as the place full of sunshine and cocktails, fun, laughter and this easy breezy lifestyle. God knows most of  our instagram profiles depict this amazing life. So with this it's very easy for us to get complacent and drop our protective wits and smarts, i mean driving from one pretty place to another, it's easy to drop our guard. Which is why i was saddened to hear of the recent mugging and attack on one of our fellow Brits in LA members Johny Pach, who wrote to me recently to share his horrific ordeal.

"Hey Craig, I'm writing to let you and Brits in LA members know I was involved in a serious mugging on Venice Beach at the weekend. It was around 2pm, I parked my car near the Marina and was walking down the back houses to the lively tourist destination the heart of Venice Beach. There was a lot of families also walking with me down the same road, it was about 2.30pm and just in-front of appeared 3 gang mem…

Meet a Member - Waleed Elgadi

Meet Waleed Elgadi from London who moved to LA four months ago to pursue acting. Waleed also won the prestigious 'MonolgueSlam' Award last month. How did you end up in Los Angeles? I came out to LA in 2013 to dip my toe and see if me and the city got along. I was seduced by its charms very quickly, especially after meeting industry folk who where encouraging and said I should get my working papers and make the move. I set about getting here much earlier but work in the UK kept me busy on that side of the Atlantic which I was grateful for. I then had a run of jobs which were all US productions so it seemed to make sense that I should be in the US. Last year I finally buckled down to getting my papers and here I am. What do you miss most from home? The usual, family, friends, and I never thought I’d say this but the underground! I was in NY recently with work and it was so nice to be able to get anywhere in the city so quickly on the subway. Although I uber/lyft everywhere here and …