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Paul Holowaty from Bolton.... it's  close to Manchester to Americans as they’ve usually not heard of Bolton) who moved her two and a half years ago to pursue a career in the dark arts...

I chose LA because I'm a big fan of yoga and kale…as well as a lover of film and television so there’s no better place for those things than the city of angels.
The things I miss most from home are (in particular order):
Hugs from Mum, boll*ckings from Dad, Soccer Saturday, Good public transport, British theatre, Drivers using their indicators to change lanes
My first impression of LA was that it was the best place on earth and that hasn’t changed at all…the weather, the lifestyle, the possibilities. 
The biggest difference between living here and living in England is that it’s easier to give up drinking.
My hidden gem in LA is no longer a hidden gem…but it used to be. When I first arrived in LA I had an apartment on Laurel/Fountain. That first night I stumbled down the road and saw a sign tha…

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