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This week’s Meet a Member is Paul Roffman who lives in London.

Seeing as you don’t live in Los Angeles how did you end up joining Brits in LA?
I came out to Los Angeles in 2010 after a previous recce mission with Industry Hollywood. I had an O1 visa which allowed me to work as an actor and magician. For an assortment of reasons I could only come for the final 6 months of my visa. I had the great fortune to meet Craig and Eileen through the Brits in LA Facebook page early on and they were fantastic resource and help and became great friends.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
I came out to pursue my career as an actor and a magician and joined The Magic Castle which is also a fantastic place to visit and perform in. LA is of course the mecca for the entertainment industry and I wanted to meet and create some new opportunities.

Do you think you could ever see yourself moving to LA, if not tell us what keeps you in London?
I could certainly see myself spending a considerable time in…