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Musings from the Motherland

London Liberty
It’s week 4 of my "back to the motherland" trip and I’m awfully glad to say, I have finally lost my American twang... Although I have to admit that on several occasions have asked for the check and have taken the elevator (translated to the bill and the lift) Yes my UK friends are all to eager to correct me and take the piss a bit. (which means to the Americans; to tease)

It’s an interesting yet exciting time in the the UK, of course it’s the summer and everyone's spirits tend to be moderately elevated, the streets of Soho are full with the suited and booted drinking pints of warm beer and having a Good Ol’ Natter. And even on a cloudy day, the folks are in vests (tank-tops), shorts and flip-flops, which by the way, i still don't quite understand the attraction to walking around the dirty pavements (sidewalks) of London in the latter, the filth and grime attached to your perfectly pedicured feet is and never will be a good look.

The art …


Meet Esmay and Max Luck "The Luck" from London who moved to LA a year ago to pursue music.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?

We had met so many people over the last few years who had either seen us perform or heard our music and subsequently told us, "you guys should go to California, they'd love you!" So we made it our goal to at least get here and see what we could achieve. A few doors opened -
we won an international songwriting competition in Nashville for one of our songs, managed to secure US working visas, and then met someone who was willing to offer us a starting base - a place to stay here in California. We had a few friends over in Los Angeles and it struck us as somewhat of a 'no brainer'. 

What do you miss most from home?
Well, London is our home; we have family and friends and so many memories growing up, spending time in different areas of London. We miss them all - just being able to wander the streets, crossing from on…