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FCO Passport Tips for British Visitors and Ex-pats:Know where your passport is at all times and keep it in a safe place.Know the expiry date of your passport and renew it in good time.Value your passport and look after it carefully. A damaged passport cannot be used for travelNever leave your passport in a rental car, even for a short period. Rental cars are prime targets for theft in many cities in the US.Your passport is not always safer on you. Lock your passport in a safe if you have access to one and take another form of ID, such as your driving licence, out with youMake two photocopies of your passport – leave one with friends or family and take the second with you, or store it online using a secure data storage siteUse this photocopy as alternative ID, for example when going out at nightMake sure your passport is valid. For certain countries your passport must be valid for 6 months after the date you travel – check the entry requirements before you goVisit Gov.UK for specific t…


Meet Raymond-Kym Suttle from London who moved to LA just over a year ago to pursue acting, writing, directing, film-making (and is a reluctant producer too), plus he teaches Dynamic Hatha Yoga and dance too. He's also a fight choreographer and has make-up skills too.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I love the weather, the general 'can-do' attitude here, there's a lot more opportunity to work in the film industry here (I've worked more in one year here than I have in the last 10 years in London) and despite the challenges, no matter what else is going on my life there's sunshine and heat more often than not and that makes me happy!
What  do you miss most from home?Decent chocolate; the banking system (when will US banks hurry up and work out how to do online banking properly?!); the underground (or at least not needing to find parking); places to buy healthy and reasonably priced food on the go like Pret a Manger, Wasabi and real fish and chips!
What w…