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I can’t go this week without mentioning the tragic loss of two Hollywood icons, two of the 'greats’ to ever grace our silver screen.
As we choose to live here, most of us will admit it, that part of the draw was the glitz and the glamour of it all.  The images and films we saw when we were kids sucked us in and started our love affair with Hollywood. Today through the powers of social media, we get our news far more quickly. "Whats trending?.” A few years back we would read the newspapers (like this one, of course) and watch the evening news  - These and the radio were our only a few sources of news available. Or perhaps overhearing a conversation at the club pub.  But I’ve began to notice on our facebook walls and twitter feeds that they have become instant memorials and obituruies for those public figures who are now dancing with the angels. A virtual grave site if you will, where we can express our feelings about those we didn’t even know. I remember …


Review August 08, 2014
The One I Love

On general release from the 22nd August comes the deeply satisfying and funny feature debut of emerging director Charlie McDowell, The One I Love.

Young married couple, Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss), are in crisis. Much to their disappointment, their marriage didn't turn out to be the couples equivalent of Ferris Bueller's Day Off as it had promised at the start. It's been just over a year of marriage and the thrill they felt when they first met, brought on by a midnight adventure of being caught trespassing in a neighbors pool, has given way to the suspicion that they may have made a mistake, and a desiderium to reclaim that feeling, no more so as Ethan strayed off the reservation in search of thrills with another. To save the sinking ship, they go seek the help of an overly candid couples therapist (Ted Danson), who in the shadow of dissonant defeat, sends them on a weekend to an idyllic house retreat, a place so roma…

L.A. Theatre Celebrating 40 Years!

You won’t want to miss this!
L.A. Theatre Works’ 2014-15 season of 10 radio theater productions and a national tour mark the company’s 40th anniversary
L.A. Theatre Works is a national theatrical treasure— The Philadelphia Inquirer

LOS ANGELES  (Aug. 6, 2014) – L.A. Theatre Works celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2014-15 with a season of ten radio-theater productions, each recorded by a star-studded cast in front of a live audience for future radio broadcast, distribution on CD, digital download and online streaming. All performances take place at the 300-seat, acoustically vibrant James Bridges Theater located on the campus of UCLA in West Los Angeles. In addition, the company heads out on its 10th annual national tour.

Highlights of the upcoming season include the recording of Nina Raine’s West End and off-Broadway hit Tribes by original off-Broadway cast members Russell Harvard, Susan Pourfar and Mare Winningham; Tony Award-nominated performances by Broadway cast members Claudia S…