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“Should I stay or should I go?” will be the question on the minds of many Scots over the next few weeks.  Scotland’s Referendum will be decided one way or another on September 18th 2014. I must admit I was very disheartened and felt slightly betrayed when I first heard this was going to the vote. I don’t want to imagine a United Kingdom without our compatriots to the North, nor a Union Jack without the blue of the St Andrews Cross. I have a fond love for Scotland. Edinburgh, being the city I chose to spend my last NYE, a few days before I left to live in America.  Naively I wondered how Scotland was going to manage without us, but on closer inspection it may well be more how are we going to manage without them…..I have spoken to many Scottish members of Brits in LA to see what their views are, in the hope of getting a clearer picture. It seems the majority are truly on the fence, or perhaps just not interested either way. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore this t…


WEEKLY HOROSCOPE  from Anne Shaw *Click on the link to enlarge image 
Stargazing with Annie ShawJuly 18, 2014 4:00 pm·
ARIES: Your financial situation could be getting a boost as early as mid-week. Look for an opportunity to add to your bank account. It’s also a good week for a cleanout of whatever needs it. TAURUS:  The Jupiter is now in Leo and can make you sit up and take notice. Regardless there is an opportunity to bring some stability to any area where needed…even if it is only a mind set to turn around. After July ends work will be busier. GEMINI: Your life is changing yet again, so be prepared to get whatever needs to be completed, including clearing up any unfinished business of any kind that has transpired in your life this past few months. You will be travelling more then normal. CANCER: Movement is good for you and this week it’s all around you and the family. Be strong and understand you can do whatever you wish, the clue is to make sure you don’t hold on to feelings or things t…

Steve Sidelnyk's World Cup Footy Blog.....THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Well I thought that Suarez biting somebody was gonna take the biscuit as the talking point of the Word Cup Finals 2014 in Brazil BUT………………………….more later!
Last weekend saw the quarter finals and first up was France v Germany and a very tactical affair which saw the French play badly and Ze Germans win 1-0….business as usual. Brazil v Colombia was a more lively affair and the wonderful David Luiz free kick goal being overshadowed by the injury (and YES I predicted it!) to star player Neymar, who was kicked in the back by Juan Zuniga’s challenge, suffered an injury to the spine and was stretchered off straight to hospital where it was apparent his World Cup was over. To add to their woes, even though they won 2-1, Thiago Silva, their rock in defence and captain, received a second yellow card and ultimately missed the semi-final………….. Cue Argentina v Belgium and a highly anticipated affair and settled by an early goal by Gonzalo Higuain and the Argentine team shut up shop and they progre…




From the BBC Website:
new TSA security measure, specifically related to the UK, from the BBC:
Heathrow and Manchester issue must-be-charged gadget advice By Leo Kelion
Technology desk editor
Heathrow and Manchester airports have told passengers to ensure all electronic devices carried as hand baggage are charged before travel if they are flying to the US. The move follows a request from the US that "certain overseas airports" implement enhanced security measures. A new rule states that if a "device doesn't switch on, you won't be allowed to bring it on to the aircraft". However, it is being applied differently at the two sites. Checks will be carried out at London's Heathrow both at security control and boarding gates, while a spokeswoman for Manchester Airport said that device power checks would only be done by airline staff at departure gates. British Airways has said that its customers face being made to rebo…