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You may recognize the very famous family name, well Nigel's not the only one in town making an impact. Meet Kris, Nigel's son. Kris moved here 10 years ago to pursue producing and writing and has been doing very well at it. He has been producing theatre shows since he got here, including the very famous Pantomimes at the Pasadena Playhouse (which we love.)
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I got a job here but also my family moved over in 2001, so I was lucky to have a stable base here where I could still have Family Sunday Lunches. It’s also the mecca of entertainment which I am in. There’s a lot of competition here but there’s a reason for that. This is where the work is. 

What one thing do you miss from home?

It was black cabs until Uber! Now it’s probably just friends. 

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?
A)Positive attitude,  People’s dreams come true here which radiates and you are only one phone call awa…

Steve Sidelnyk's World Cup Footy Blog 4th July 2014 Edition!

Wow who would’ve predicted that????? In the round of sixteen we some amazing football, some joy and some tears as the knockout stage began.
From hero to villain as Holland’s Arjen Robben, who has enjoyed a magnificent tournament, admitted to diving in their game against Mexico which led to the winning penalty and a wonderful performance was once again overshadowed by foul play. Really sad as the plucky Mexican team looked like they were going to win the game and were playing very well when with about 10 minutes to go there was a water break due to the extreme heat. During that time the Dutch re-grouped, re-hydrated and snatched the winner via the penalty. Maybe these water breaks are preparing us for Qatar??????? Brazil made it through on penalties and sad to see Chile go out. Not really the kind of Samba performance we were expecting and again Neymar seems to be the talisman so lets hope he stays fit. A big shout out to Queens Park Rangers keeper who is actually the Brazilian number …