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ARIES In any relationship situation you will find that what ever was a problem will begin to ease up as Mars your boss moves forward into your money area of life. This will be in the middle of July so hang on and keep cool.
TAURUS Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and be aware that mercury the planet of all communications will be on your case mid month if you resist. Now that Jupiter is in your house of family expect visits.
GEM The sun in your money house can bring out a very generous side of you and it also favors getting a handle on any part of life or person that is causing you problems or upset. Your rascally ruler Mercury is going is moving fast forward now.
CAN The consequences are long reaching for you  fall out with another especially if it’s a close friend or family .Its best to say nothing at all right now and then  it will fizzle out for now any way.! Happy Birthday
LEO You are the lucky one this month ,…


Meet TJ Ramini from London who moved to LA 6 years ago  to pursue his acting and writing career

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I was always going to move here. I knew that from a very early age as I've always been an actor and so it was just the natural order of things, really.  I'd done rather a lot of TV, film and theatre back home and was 3 and a half years into a series regular on The Bill for ITV. I was offered representation and help with the visa and all the paperwork from a few different people so, with my partner Annie McQueen's full support, I left The Bill and made the move.
What one thing do you miss from home? I miss many things about home but if I had to pick one, I'd have to say, banter. Ask anyone who knows me - I'm a talker! I love nothing more than a good chat over coffee, a drink, a meal, a cuppa, whenever. Banter is an essential part of British culture and for me, one of our greatest attributes. 
What do you find the biggest difference is…

Steve Sidelnyk's World Cup Blog 27th June : The Last 16!

It happened England were undone by a certain Mr Luis Saurez who is now serving a four month ban for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini and Ghana send home Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng for physical and verbal assaults respectively on their own coaching staff… not much controversy.
Lets not dwell on how bad England really were and even given the fact all they had to do was beat Costa Rica and at least give the travelling supporters, who spent a good part of a years salary to get to Brazil and pay the ticket prices, something to cheer about on their way home. But no that wasn’t even possible…..poor show by a bunch of over tattooed millionaires.  The only thing that made it remotely bearable is that Spain, Italy and Portugal all top seeds were sent packing into their world of endorsements and pomp.  No more Rooney, Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli and instead Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Belgium all qualified into the last sixteen along with two first timers ever to progress…

The Best Fat Burning Exercise Known to Man - Guaranteed

Burn Fat Fast with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) If I told you there was a way to burn calories, lose more fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness by working out for a shorter amount of time you would probably look at me skeptically or think I was mad right? Well here’s a few typical questions I face every week. What’s the fastest way to lose weight? How can I lose fat fast? I have limited time to train what do you suggest I do to get in shape? The list goes on but I think the real question is 'What is the least time I can spend working out with the maximum fat loss and physical benefits?' My answer? Have you considered High intensity interval training or HIIT for short? What’s that? Let me explain, but before I do let me just state that I am not a believer in fitness fads, crash diets or get thin fast regimes. My approach to health and fitness is to provide an all round maintainable way of life that will take you to your g…