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Brits in LA Newsletter April 4th, 2014

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Hi Everyone!
April is certainly living up to its name with all these April Showers we have been having this week! Time to get the wellies out again! I splashed out (pun definitely intended) on a pair of Hunters last Christmas. They have a fabulous selection at Nordstroms if you fancy a pair yourself?

April for me and those around me seems to be a time to get financial stuff in order. I am sure this is partly to do with the looming tax filing deadline (April 15th), but I also see it as a spring cleaning of sorts. This week I wanted to share a few of my frugal tips with you,as even though I have been here over 17 years, I am still discovering new things all the time. I recently came across a brilliant money monitoring app called Mint. If you don’t have a smart phone you can also use it on your computer by visiting . It categorizes everything you spend and has h…