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Brits in LA Newsletter March 21st, 2014

Hi Everyone!
The British budget was announced this week, making it rather apt that this month seems to be all about numbers. 4.4 being the one us locals were talking about at 6.25 am last Monday morning!  Fortunately the earthquake caused no major damage, but served as a not so gentle reminder to be prepared. I recently stocked up on a few emergency supplies - water purifying tablets being at the top of my list. Check out website which will help you get a little organized for the big one. Red Cross offer tips on putting together an earthquake kit here. MH370 is the number that is on the whole world’s mind. . I find it so hard to fathom that a 777 can just vanish - lets hope for the worried families sakes that this gets resolved quickly, one way or another. 
On a lighter note, March 30th is Mothers Day in the UK - we have partnered up with Dean Morris Cards who are offering 15% off for Brits in LA members. Visit us on Facebook for all the details. We will be m…