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Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog 7th February 2014

Not only have the Winter Olympics in Russian resort city of Sochi been called a festival of corruption, but they've also managed to muscle in on the way we watch our beloved game here in the United States of America and lo and behold now that NBC have live coverage of the action from Sarah Palin's next door neighbors, its brought to you at a price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO live Premiership games with only matches being broadcast later in the morning so if you want to pretend that you live on the East Coast , so you can actually get up at a reasonable hour and watch a game at a more civilized time : O ) .........That game tomorrow is the Welsh derby between manager-less Swansea City and second to bottom club Cardiff City....can't wait!!!!!!
Those of you who love a bit of sleep depravation are treated to a wonderful game between Championship leaders Leicester versus Fat Reg's team Watford, and this can be seen LIVE on FOX Sports 2.....a fair trade off in my eyes.....I mean …

Brits in LA Newsletter, February 7th 2014

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by If you are new to LA you maybe interested to know that you don't need an American credit score to buy or lease a car, there is such thing as an Foreign Business Professional Leasing program that both Volkswagen, Santa Monica and Audi Pacific offer,  you need proof of some sort of visa to work in the USA. Email Artem or Jordan at Volkswagen, Santa Monica,  or Evan Bolton at Audi Pacific at  to find out how you can get into a car hassle free - these guys have helped countless Brits in LA members already. 
Plus both dealerships have committed to donating $100 per vehicle leased or sold to 
The UKARES FOUNDATION! Editor's Letter
‘If music be the food of love, play on’ is the only quote from Shakespeare that I clearly remember from high school. I don’t have a musical bone in my body and learnt from Stephen Fry, that I am ‘tone dumb’, not tone deaf, meaning I can hear how I am supposed to sound but just can’t make it happen! So it is very fortunate for …