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BLA BLA BLA - Brits in LA Newsletter Jan 2nd 2014

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by If you are new to LA you maybe interested to know that you don't need an American credit score to buy or lease a car, there is such thing as an Foreign Business Professional Leasing program that both Volkswagen, Santa Monica and Audi Pacific offer,  you need proof of some sort of visa to work in the USA. Email Artem or Jordan at Volkswagen, Santa Monica,  or Evan Bolton at Audi Pacific at  to find out how you can get into a car hassle free - these guys have helped countless Brits in LA members already. 
Plus both dealerships have committed to donating $100 per vehicle leased or sold to 
The UKARES FOUNDATION! Editor's Letter

Happy New Year Breeps!

i just got back from 10 days in Palm Springs, so I got to celebrate both Xmas and new years there - the temp was perfect around 75 degrees each day. I took some fantastic hikes an even found myself lost one day! It was worth it, as around the corner was another spectacular view. We ended 2013 with a casin…