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Talk toArtem Dasov and/or Michael Burger about how you can get into a VW. There are many options for ex-pats.  They have all the answers you will need and will work their very hardest to get you into the car of your choice.  Contact them on (310) 829-1888 ext 2728 or by email.  This great deal below ends June 30th, so get in now! 
If you would rather lease an Audi, make sure to scroll down to get  Evan from Audi Pacific info  Both dealerships have committed to donating $100 per vehicle leased or sold to the UKARES FOUNDATION!

Editor's letter
Hey Breeps! Well I'm back albeit jet lagged.
After a three week trip camping with family, partying in the South of France and sightseeing in the Amalfi Coast... 

I have to admit it's a little hard getting back into the groove. I've a lot of catching up to do, so if you emailed me or fb messaged me and I haven't gotten back right away, you now know why. ;-)

Some great developments have happened over the …