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Coachella Festival Guide 2013 - A British Invasion

Coachella festival is very nearly upon us and seeing as this years tickets sold out within ONE day (the first weekend within 15 minutes) I'm sure this means a fair few of you will be making your way to the valley in the coming days for a heap load of music and a heap load of fun. Declaring my jealousy doesn't even cut it for how I feel this week, which is why I've put together a Coachella guide in order to feel I am some way involved in the festival process and attempt to live vicariously through all you lucky folk who are attending.  For those native Angelenos who are heading out into the desert with the utterly absurd idea that for a brief weekend they will be escaping the influx of British accents on their fair city...Well, they can think again! The Coachella valley is set for another British invasion and we refuse to approach lightly, for this is a year of epic reunions and impressive breakthroughs.
Leading the charge this year are The Stone Roses, Blur, New Order, Hot C…

Brits in LA Newsletter - April 8th 2013

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by
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Hi Breeps!
Well... quite the interesting week- with the death of our former prime minister Margaret Thatcher causing quite the ruckus on our facebook page. Whether you were for or against her there is no disputing she smashed the glass ceiling when it came to what women were capable of then - The first and only female prime minister and the longest in power. 
RIP Maggie!

We have the British troops in town till Wednesday and we hosted a great knees up for them at one of our favourite British pubs the cat and fiddle pub

Thanks to Katy Haber for organizing a great trip for them - They presented Brits in LA with a placard with their regiments coat of arms on it - We will be hang…