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How to lose 10lbs in days, maybe?

So how can I lose weight fast?

The question on every body’s lips who feel they are over weight or perhaps have recently over indulged like after the holidays for example. Hopefully by now I’m getting across the message that feeling fit, strong healthy and looking good is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a sensible diet as opposed to the latest crash dieting or fitness fad being marketed to us in the media. 
So here are a few quick pointers that you could use to lose post holiday weight fast, make them healthy habits and you could be amazed at the results. Most people don't have a lot of patience when it comes to dropping flab...and why should you, when you can achieve it quickly with the right approach.
1. Ditch all the "white stuff." White breads, sugars, potatoes, cereals and even rice. (Exception: Cauliflower. It's a great choice.) These foods quickly convert to stored body fat. 2. Get to work. If you want to experience RAP…

"End Of The Rainbow" Is Superb- Do Not Miss it!!!

Directed by Terry Johnson With Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland
“BRILLIANT! Bennett’s work is completely mesmerizing. SHOULD NOT BE MISSED.” —Paul Hodgins, The Orange County Register
“I COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF BENNETT!” —Kari Mozena, Los Angeles Magazine

It's December 1968, and Judy Garland - in a London hotel room with both her new young fiancé and adoring accompanist - is preparing to make her comeback . . . again.
In one of the most celebrated performances on both the London and Broadway stage, Tony® Award nominee Tracie Bennett is an irresistible force embodying Garland's signature cocktail of talent, tenacity and razor-sharp wit in this savagely funny backstage drama.
Don’t miss End of the Rainbow in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theatre through April 21st only!
Purchase your tickets today at 

Brits in LA Newsletter March 31st

Talk to Joe Seymour about  how you can get into a VW. There are many options for ex-pats. Joe has  all the answers you will need. He has helped so many members already and  will work his very hardest to get you into the car of your choice.  Contact him on 310 266 8825 or by email.  

Hi Everyone
Hope you all had a great Easter Weekend and enjoyed the influx of Cadbury eggs ? Last year I actually went and stocked up on the half price mini eggs the day after Easter , but regretted it by the summer as I couldn't fit into any of my clothes, so be warned if you are tempted by the same thought!
We have a lot going on this coming week so check out full details below 
but here is a quick run down

Tuesday Breakfast Club sponsored by Next Stop LAX
Thursday we welcome visiting British Army Officers
Weekly Saturday Social at Cecconi's
Our monthly Sunday Roast at The Pikey

Also make sure to regularly check out Brits Gigging in LA page
as there are a lot of great shows coming up, including Dave Stewar…