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BRITS IN LA NEWSLETTER 25th of July 2011

Are you having trouble buying or leasing a car due to non existent credit?  If so you need to talk to Joe Seymour at Mike Sullivan's Volkswagen Santa Monica. They have found a loop hole and are offering the Foreign Business Professionals Leasing Plan . All you need is a social security number. Contact Joe on 310 266 8825 or email him at . He is a fellow Brits in LA member and will do his very best for you!  
Hi Everyone, Well Comic-con was insane - the trip to see Galaxy play Man.City was insane I heard pub quiz was insane - Thank god Breakfast club was pretty tame last week - lol- See some of the event pictures below. But before we get into the events - Please spare a thought for the family and friends of AMY WINEHOUSE - Such a tragedy - Such a talent and such a waste - R-I-P Amy and Also BAXTER the dog -who lived 8 good years - He had traveled the world and helped a lot of people as a search and rescue dog - Big bundle of joy and alas his time was near -…