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Walford State of Mind - for Eastenders fans everywhere...

I’ve been an avid Eastenders fan for many years. To the point that I even own an Eastenders version of Monopoly! Watching the show on public television when I first moved to LA  (even though it was about 4 years behind). Then being very excited as BBC America launched and they announced they would be airing more recent episodes every week. Then for some reason they decided it to take it off the air and I remember my utter disappointment. Eastenders was supposed to be something I could rely on , it has always been on the telly since I was a teen. I absolutely loved watching the show, as although some people find it too depressing and miserable I always found that aspect actually cheered me up. “At least I am not Janine” or “life isn’t that bad I could be Billy No-mates”. I wasn’t going to let the Beeb take it away from me, so I jumped on the internet immediately after the cancellation was announced and found an active Eastenders group online called the Walford Underground! People in the…

Andy and Chaz bugger off to America is here

Weekly Feng Shui Tip:

Feng Shui Tip:
Just as crystal salt caves are used to promote healing and cure breathing ailments, the healthy ions created by Crystal Salt Lamps help oxygenate and purify our air. You'll experience better breathing, immune system function, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing from regular use. Place this light in your FAME area and leave it on!
Be Well, Audrey


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Hi Breeps Hope you are all well. Looks like June Gloom has gone. we did …