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Review of TOAST

As part of the "From Britain With Love" series The first of six films being promoted here at selected Laemmle Theatres around town.
This charming delightful throw back of a film starts out well with beautiful long lingering shots with great art direction and a fitting soundtrack but became a little lost in the second act. Based on the autobiography of famed British Chef Nigel Slater. TOAST tells the story of a young boy Nigel (Oscar Kennedy) who grew up in Wolverhampton on canned food, but yearns for the taste of fresh vegetables from his parents yard. His sickly Mum is a horrible cook and the family end up eating toast most of the time, hence the title.  I feel they spent a little too much time setting up the scenery and nothing really exciting happens until the start of the third act. And this is when we meet Mrs. Potter (Helena Bonham-Carter) The house cleaner who has her eyes on Nigel's father. She is the conflict and an excellent cook, and lives by the motto "Th…

Weekly Feng Shui Tip:

Energy is in everything - even our thoughts. Loving thoughts create more love, non-loving thoughts create more negative energy. Choose Love!

David Hockney's "Beverly Hills Housewife"

Up for auction at Christie's is a painting by British artist David Hockney. One of the most important works to come to the auction market by David Hockney, Beverly Hills Housewife, is estimated at $7-10 million!
Read more about it here And if you would like to buy this painting visit Christie's website

If you live in LA and have been to Whole Foods....



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Hi Breeps!
So it seems we are officially in June Gloom! (C'mon, I wouldn't be British if I didn't complain about the weather, right?) Well not to worry it's supposed to warm up mid week plus there's plenty of great things going on this week to occu…

From Britain with Love

How great - Britain loves us - In fact they are sending six British independent films for us to watch starting this weekend - FROM BRITAIN WITH LOVE is a showcase of 6 independent British films playing at theatres on the Emerging network across America.   The Los Angeles-area screenings taking place (at 4 different Laemmle Theatres) The details are as follows:

Curated by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and presented by UK Film Council and Emerging Pictures, FROM BRITAIN WITH LOVE will release Toast, In Our Name, Third Star, A Boy Called Dad, Africa United and NEDS across the United States for a limited time.

In the Los Angeles area, the films will be released at the following theaters:

Laemmle Monica 4-Plex
1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Laemmle Playhouse 7
673 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101

Laemmle Town Center 5
17200 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91316

Laemmle Claremont 5
450 West 2nd Street, Claremont, CA 91711

Click here for full schedule - I should be going to a…

What Do You Wake Up To? Feng Shui in Your Bedroom!

WHAT DO YOU WAKE UP TO?Whether you are aware of this or not, how you wake up every day affects how you live your life – Every Day. Because “life happens” the only real effect you have is how you “react” to life. So, why not start by creating a happy, harmonious and healthy environment to keep you on the positive side of your tracks.Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What is the first thing you see when you wake up every morning?
2. How does this view make you feel?If you wake up feeling happy, energized and motivated – then way to go! You are in on a secret to living a happy and healthy life because you’ve taken the time to create a space that fulfills and nurtures you.For example, while I was in Greece, I walked into this gorgeous home decor store and all I could see was this Tree of Life rug. I knew I had to have it. Now, it happily hangs beautifully in my bedroom on my “Wood” wall. Every morning I “get” to wake up to THE TREE OF LIFE. The calming colors soothe me. And, the memory o…