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Weekly Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Tip:
If you are in a relationship or looking for a relationship limit the amount of art you have in your home of single individuals. Instead, display art that is sensual & romantic representing couples.



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science of achieving harmony and balance in any given space by the placement of certain objects. Whether it is a room, home, office, building or landscape, “placement” affects the flow of energy (how you feel) in your environment. This flow can be positive or negative.Feng Shui is everywhere and it affects everyone, this is because our environment affects us. And, because everything in our universe is made of energy, our environment must work together to create a sense of positive flow of the energy – just like nature. When nature is “in balance”, there is harmony, prosperity and growth, when nature is “out of balance,” there is disruption that can lead to natural disasters.This is why you will continuously hear balance, flow, harmony and prosperity when it comes to Feng Shui. It’s all about your surroundings and how they are affecting your overall wellbeing.Interior Decorating and Design is about creating a lovely environment. However, it must flow. .…

Newsletter May 23rd 2011

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Hi Breeps!

Our lovely Eileen is still in the Mother land this week, enjoying a well deserved Holiday. She'll be back with a whammy next week and I'm sure some fun stories from London Town.

A lot of birthdays this week, Happy Birthday to all the following:  Monday, May 23. Darren Darnborough Tuesday, May 24 ·Charlie McBrearty, Klara Bow Piechocki, Greg Berlanti, Vance Daniels,
Thursday, May 26 Sarah Farooqui-Thompson, Stephen Brown, Jade Anderson, Lynne Richardson, Hayley Williams, Tara Hunnewell
Friday, May 27 Ewan Chung, Canan Ayfer Fraser, Peter Morton, George Georgiou
Saturday, May 28 Christian Grobel, Claus-Killian Voelker-Szezpaniak, Cristianne Miranda
Sunday, May 29 Nancy Panter, Stephanie Carpentieri, Corinne A. Bo, Nicholas Pratley, Elizabeth Knowelden, Simon Wright, Siobhan McCafferty

I'm off on a bit of a holiday myself next week - Visiting Texas (work) the Orlando (Disney World) Then on to Barbados (can't wait) Some fun stuff on …