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Foolproof Bean burgers ready in minutes!

Hello again, Life has somewhat settled back into LA living after a week in Miami-although this British weather is not very appealing. Enough now please. My yoga company is back in full swing after a long lapse while they put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Have a look and let me know if you and/or your company wants private yoga in home/office/beach. Insured/CPR trained and lots of experience. Yoga for every level. Also just heard I'm to co-host a reality show based on the modelling industry. Stay tuned. Now, let's get back to the kitchen for a brief while and cook us something super healthy in a matter of minutes. You are not going to believe how easy these vegan bean/quinoa burgers are. Those of you that have already been following me are sure to trust me on this, but for those newbies, welcome and here is the easiest, speediest way to make a healthy burger sure to impress. How about making it a meatless monday this monday? I'm not sure about you but I…

Across The Pond.......

It may not be British news exactly, but I have been gripped by a story this week that relates to much that I have discussed previously in this column, surrounding the recent "Facebook Revolutions" in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Prominent Chinese blogger Ran Yunfei, from the Southwest Sichuan province has been arrested and formally charged for "challenging the ruling party and inciting subversion of state power'. Chinese authorities have detained and questioned numerous lawyers, bloggers and dissidents in what has been reported as China's biggest recent crackdown on opposition. The ripple effect from the Middle East has prompted online callings for a "Jasmine revolution" according to Amnesty International, and many activists have been arrested, monitored and some have even disappeared in recent months. Just today, a United Nations human rights agency called for the immediate release of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, amid claims that he's been s…

A colorful summer salad to brighten a grey LA day!

I know I wasn't due back until the weekend, but I thought this salad would add a bit of color to a greyish day:) Whenever possible use organic.
INGREDIENTS Handful of radish-chopped 4 Tomatoes-chopped 1/2 pack of firm tofu-cubed 1 medium cucumber-if organic leave skin on 1 avocado-choppped 2 tbsp cilantro or parsley 1 tbsp Braggs Amino Acids to soak the tofu in
FOR THE DRESSING 1 tbsp Flax seed oil 1 tsp balsamic vinegar 1 tsp mustard Kelp salt or equivalent 1 tsp of dried oregano
DIRECTIONS Soak the tofu in the Braggs for 5 minutes or so and then after all your veg are chopped/cubed etc mix in a bowl with the dressing and enjoy!
Serves 2-4 depending on appetite! Bon Ap!

Shrimp, Fennel & Asparagus With Brown Rice

Hellos! As I have just returned from Miami and was unable to post a recipe directly here, please check out this link for another of my easy, healthy, speedy recipes that I post bi-weekly! Bon Ap & see you at the weekend with really easy Bean/Quinoa Burgers

Newsletter Mar 18th, 2011

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Happy Birthday Shoutouts to Brits in LA members for this week - Tia Bar, Sola Rosa Mak, Derrick brown, Shelly Poole, Becky Jungmann, Craig Gordon, Miranda Sidor, Owen Beiny, Leigh McSwan, Tamzin Brown, Joe stroud and Jennifer Robyn Laskey

Ey Up My Breeps!
That's my Nottingham dialect coming out, due to the visit of my Mum last week, and Wow what a week we had with my Aunt Sue in tow too. These two ladies have more energy in their little toe than in my whole body. I'm pretty exhausted. But we packed so much in such a short time. Highlights, Trips to Palm Springs, San Francisco, Venice and Pasadena, eating out at some really great places. It was great to be able to spend time with them and take a mini holiday in my own back yard. Read my Travel blog on Palm springs...

Take a 2 hour car journey east on the I-10 and you'll arrive in the serene dessertland of Palm Springs - It's mostly all about the pool life - however there…

Across the Pond.....

While the tragedy continues to unfold in Japan after the recent and shocking events following the earthquake and Tsunami, attentions were turned, for just one evening, towards the traditional Domestic and African projects that receive national charitable support each year through the familiar and well loved TV format that is Comic Relief. This year a staggering 74 Million Pounds has been raised so far, and the show itself was hugely moving as always - packed full of stars willing to put their talents on show in aid of some truly incredible causes. Hosted in the early part by Claudia Winkleman and Michael McIntyre followed later by Davina McCall and Graham Norton, the show had come at a rather tough time, considering the worlds current state of despair, and whilst it seemed difficult to turn our attentions away from Japan and its people - there were particular stories that really stood out and made me remember that right now in Africa things are still very much as they were, and the p…


Little under a two hour car journey going east on the I-10 and you'll arrive in the serene dessert land of Palm Springs - It's mostly all about the pool life so get your 'cozzie' on, trashy magazines and Margarita in hand and lay back in the sun drenched pool - Don't worry if you are a little more adventurous than that as there are a lot of  fun things to do especially for families or big kids like me. A fun day for the family is a place called BOOMERS! Go-Cart racing, Crazy Golf, water rafting and penny arcades - it sits right next to the trader Joe's on E. Palm Canyon Dr., across the street I stumbled across a great consignment store, called RESALE THERAPY  selling old vintage clothing. This is great for dress up, or to find that classic ball gown/ Tuxedo you'll need for next year's TOSCARS.  Or if it's mid century modern furniture you're after, I highly recommend visiting the guys from Hedge. Thomas and Charles are design and architect…