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This past month saw the ever exciting TED conference here in Long Beach, California with a satellite set up in Palm Springs. This was one of the highlights. Deb Roy captured 5 1/2 years of his families life from the arrival of his Son. And discovered how speech was developed and where visual certain words were used most. Anyway if you have a spare 20 minutes and want to be blown away. Just press play. Inspirational and wow.

Beauty Is The Question... by Lynn Taylor

Beauty, n. The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband.
- AMBROSE BIERCE, The Devil's Dictionary

Can glamour be effortless?

You know the drill: you pushed snooze button on the alarm and now you are rushing to get ready and — OMG — you missed your eye whilst applying mascara and resemble a spotted Dalmatian. In addition you spilled the coffee you were trying to drink whilst applying your make-up and — to add insult to injury —it’s all over your new white DVF shirt.

Another wash-and-go day, sporting your barefaced beauty look (or slightly frazzled version of you) you turn up to your meeting and your heart plummets. There she is: a goddess. A vision of loveliness, all perky, poised and perfected. As she throws back her super-shiny, bouncy hair, you notice her Angelina-Jolie-like, perfectly-applied eyeliner and mascara. She is a picture of effortless glamour. You can't put your finger on it, but it’s all working for her and she knows it.
That's it, you think…

Across The Pond.....

I cannot begin this weeks column without mentioning the devastating events that took place in Japan on Friday. Despite the quake and resulting tsunami happening thousands of miles from the UK, fears are now growing over the number of potential British casualties and those British Nationals who have not been heard from since the weekend. No actual numbers have been definitively announced, but recent reports have suggested that there could be many involved in the disaster. Worried relatives have been contacting a special number set up by the foreign office, and the number of calls has risen rapidly to around 4000 today. The majority of Brits live in the Osaka and Tokyo areas, but phone lines in towns outside the major cities are still cut off, making it very difficult to gauge a true perspective on the safety of those living there. Reports have stated that a team of 63 International Search and Rescue workers arrived yesterday to begin work assisting the teams already in Japan, and …

Brits in LA Newsletter March 13th

This weeks newsletter is brought to you by Mike Sullivan’s Volkswagen Santa Monica.Hi Everyone,Hope you are all having a good week? The awful earthquake in Japan made me realize how unprepared I am if the same thing happened here in LA. Here is a good link to make sure you know what to do . interesting site is this .Register your cell phone number and they will notify you in the case of a state emergency.As you all know we always champion Joe Seymour at Mike Sullivans Volkswagen Santa Monica. This week I had the chance to experience his service firsthand. I am now the proud owner of a brand new VW Jetta! It is my first ever new car, so it is quite exciting for me. I have to say the process was fantastic and easy. Even though my credit wasn’t perfect, Joe managed to find a solution to help me get into a car. What was particularly nice was there was absolutely no pressure from Joe at all. You hear horror stories of car salesmen almost forcing…

Polenta Pizzas, Steamed Greens & Vegan Sausage Scramble

Hello again! Here's a little something I came up with to jazz up polenta. Much like tofu, polenta needs a makeover, so what better way to eat them than as mini pizzas dotted with sundried tomato pesto and sprinkled with cheese? Serve them with steamed greens and a sausage scramble for a tasty meal that's ready in minutes!

INGREDIENTS 1 roll of polenta 1 packet of vegan grated cheese Sundried tomato pesto Bunch of kale or similar 2 cups of brussel sprouts 1 tbsp Flax seed oil 1/2 onion chopped finely 2 vegan sausages such as Tofurky Oil spray such as Spectrum High Heat Sunflower Spray Pepper and kale salt to season

DIRECTIONS 1. Heat the non stick grill pan on medium heat for 5 minutes. 2. Cut the polenta up into circles-1/2 inch width approx. 3. Spray pan with cooking spray and grill polenta about 5 minutes each side. 4. Grill onion and vegan sausage with a tbsp of sundried tomato pesto and put to the side. 5. Steam kale and brussels approx 5 minutes, add some flax seed oil and ka…