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Newsletter February 28th 2011

This newsletter for February 28th is brought to you by Mike Sullivan's Volkswagen Santa Monica, who offer Foreign Business Professionals Plan, perfect for those of you who haven't built up decent credit scores yet!
Hi Guys
Big thank you to everyone who was involved with the Toscars. The night was a huge success and the films were all fabulous. Congratulations to The King Speak who dominated our awards ceremony and deservedly so! If you haven't seen them they are well worth a watch! They can all be viewed on our Brits in LA YouTube channel here

If you are interested in being a Toscar Team Leader for 2012 contact Craig@Britsin.LA
To see all the pictures from the night visit our blog The Anglo Files

A special thank you to our wonderful sponsors and supporters. Mike Sullivan's Volkswagen Santa Monica, Beltran Brito Immigration Lawyers, Framepool, Wiedman Gallery, McDermott Management, Lloyds TSB, Platinum One Web Design and of course Doc Johnson who supplied the …

Beauty Is The Question...

Introducing Beauty is The Question by Lynn Taylor

To Botox or not to Botox: That is the question

I arrive back to LA after spending just short of three years in the UK. I had been working as a make-up artist and just finished a film and in addition was working on my own product ideas. Then Penelope summoned me to take that big Virgin Bird back to the City of Angels, or as i like to call it "La-la Land." It was time to put the finishing touches to my parasol line

My first observation was how very groomed all the women were in LA, compared to the slightly frazzled yet fresh-faced Brit chick (this could have something to do with being crushed in a tube with tons of people and battling the good old British weather). In addition to this I started to get obsessed with my wrinkles and started comparing friends' Botox and — yes, I admit it — getting doctors' numbers (shouldn't I really be doing crossword puzzles to keep dementia at bay?)

Whilst at on…

Across the Pond......

Darling Brits in LA, before I share the weeks news from this side of the world, I'd like to congratulate all of the winners and those who took part in this years Toscar's. I have been following the events with much excitement and only wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all!

Whilst New Zealand and Libya continue to dominate headlines over this side of the Pond, Oman is the latest country to be effected by rising political tensions in the North African and Middle Eastern regions this week. Omani protestors are calling for greater media freedom and are fighting against growing corruption and a rise in the cost of living. Seen as a mostly tranquil and sedate country, these latest protests only further highlight the increasing unrest in this part of the world and concerns for the future are rising rapidly.
On the other end of the political spectrum, a transformation is taking place in Ireland this week, with Fine Gael party leader Enda Kenny announcing a 'Democrat…

Light vegan buckwheat pancakes & fruit

On Sunday, after a trip down to the wonderful farmer's market on Melrose Place where we pick up our fresh veggies, fruits, fish and a selection of Korean vegan fare from Dave's for the week, it's pancakes in our home! Sometimes there is a tribe of us watching the footie, eating pancakes and drinking a bloody mary or two. You didn't think we were dull did you? These pancakes are really easy to make-would I make it difficult for you? I like to keep a bowl of fruit out on the side for easy access, healthy pickings and additional color to the kitchen. For longerlife of your strawberries- as we tend to buy a lot, put them unwashed wrapped in a paper towel inside a covered tupperware container. The paper towel absorbs their extra mositure. INGREDIENTS 4 tbsp flax seed oil 1/2 cup soya milk 1/2 water (add more water for thinner pancake) 1/2 tsp per pancake of vegan butter Strawberries and bananas (of course any fruit will do and especially blueberries) Arrowhead Mills Organic buckwhe…