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Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist without a dummy - The dummy, an indispensable ventriloquis...

I'm sure most of you have heard of this British Ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin. I love this throw-back to old British Sea-side humour. I could not stop laughing... more. We should see if we can get him over for a Brits in LA event

Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist without a dummy - The dummy, an indispensable ventriloquis...

2 healthy meatless salad options and a dressing

I'm back again with some healthy salad options and a dressing! For those of you that want to join in with 'meatless mondays,' here are some of The Farwell faves, or like us, it's meatless every day!
Here are 2 very easy and quick recipes for you to try. They take less than 10 minutes to make! Bon ap!

STEAMED GREENS & BEAN SALAD INGREDIENTS Packet of greens (trader joes or bag of mixed greens such as kale, chard, spinach) Can of kidney beans-washed thoroughly Jar of mixed bell peppers (trader joes) Salad dressing-see below
DIRECTIONS Steam greens for approx 5 minutes and rinse in cold water. Place in large bowl and add remaining ingredients. Mix well and serve Serves 2-4

LENTIL & TOFU SALAD INGREDIENTS Packet of lentils or can-wash thoroughly until water runs clear 1 cup of organic small tomatoes chopped 1/2 cup of chopped organic baked tofu 1 cup of steamed …

Jamie Oliver Kicked Out of School!

As a lot of you know Jamie Oliver has moved to town. He is trying to change the way kids at LAUSD schools eat. Unfortunately for him, they are not as keen on his Food Revolution as he had hoped. So his in school filming privileges have been revoked... but Jamie has vowed to continue with his efforts from outside of the school gates. Go on Jamie!

Naughty Jeremy Paxman says the C-word


Your healthy dish for the week-Hearty Miso Soup with noodles

Every week you will find me here with a new easy, quick, and healthy recipe you can whip up. I am not a chef by trade, just a busy working mum that wants to share her healthy eating habits. Here's a comforting thought, I'm blonde, so if I can do it, anyone can. The recipes that I will post are all vegan (no meat or dairy to include cheese, butter and eggs) or fish healthy options. I hope to inspire you to bring in at least one of these options weekly. As we move along and you see how easy it is to be really healthy, you might add more. I choose to live 100% this way for my health and vitality. I don't believe in diets. My husband has eaten this way for over a year now and has lost 35 pounds. It's not about weight loss it's about being healthful and happy. Now, here's that recipe. Feel free to pop any suggestions or questions over my way. A healthy week to you! INGREDIENTS 6 cups water + 6 teaspoons of veggie bouillon 3 tbsp miso paste (wholefoods do a great low sodi…

Brits in LA Newsletter for January 30th

Hi Everyone How are you ? Has been an exciting week so far. The Toscar groups have finally been selected and now we are off to make our movies. If you haven't signed up there may still be time so email asap to and perhaps someone will let you join their team.. I got 127 Hours to parody. Which I am very please about! Save February 24th if you want to come and watch the end result. Happy Birthday to Gus Farwell, Leilani Dowling, David Thomas, Alex Punch White, Tim Burkinshaw.
Our FB invites don't seem to be going out to everyone, so make sure you check the events tab regularly so you don't miss out. Here is the link to Breakfast Club

NEED A CAR? MIKE SULLIVAN OF VOLKSWAGEN SANTA MONICA. It's really difficult to build up a credit score when you first move to the States. VW of Santa Monica have found a loop hole and have been helping so many BRITS IN LA get vehicles. If you n…