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Cuppa Tea with Vinnie Jones

While Yorkshire Tea were busy handing out cups of teas to our players at a recent Blaggers United FC training session. They spotted not too far away, Hollywood United training. And look carefully and I believe you'll see Vinnie Jones.

Stacey Solomon & Shaun Ryder - National Television Awards 2011

What and interesting combination! I love it. Shaun and X-Factor runner up became fast friends when they appeared on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here last year. They certainly are the odd couple !

Royal bio movies - Do they ever get these right?

Deadline reported this morning that the Lifetime Channel will be making a movie on Prince William and Kate. William & Kate which chronicles the relationship between Prince William, second in line to the throne of the British monarchy, and Kate Middleton, the stunning daughter of upper middle-class commoners, from the moment the two met at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, through the ups and downs.

I wonder if it'll go anything like this:

Girl grows up as a commoner (not council estate) dreams of becoming a princess one day. Prince loses his mother in terrible car accident (conspiracies run amock) Girl cries at TV and says the line - "I'll take care of you one day."
Girl now 17 reads The Sun newspaper... Headine "PRINCE TO ATTEND ST. ANDREWS"
Girl steals all the pennies from her mother's purse and runs away to Scotland. -Posing as a student, she stalks the Prince everyday. But he never notices her, even when she dresses like a tart to get h…

The way we were - Any Old Iron?

Apps never cease to amaze me - Next time you're in London make sure you download the app "Streetmuseum" It's an app that let's you see the London streets as they once were. A very smart and lovely awareness idea for the Museum of London. Literally a museum in the palm of your hand.
Genius. - CY

The Official TOSCARS Poster was unveiled today...

For this year's TOSCARS we thought it'd be fun to create a poster parody of That other little award show that happens around the same time. We woul;d love your support if you could change your profile picture to this one till the 24th of Feb - we'd be honored - and will thank you from the stage when we win - Ok maybe not the the last part, but will definiltey help us spread the good word.

Funny British Animals

This is an oldy but a goody!!! This show cracks me up - BBC's Wildlife. - More clips on youtube

Newsletter January 23rd 2011

This newsletter is brought to you by MIKE SULLIVAN OF VOLKSWAGEN SANTA MONICA
Hi Breeps!

What an exciting week that was- Firstly, I went to see my new favorite British band 'Plan B' at The Troubadour, and spotted Sir Elton grooving along, seeming to love as much as we did, We also saw "Biographies in a bag" with the very talented Rachel Oglivy and Lynn Ferguson. This is an ongoing experiment, so will let you know when it happens again. Up next, Mr. Katy Perry aka Russell Brand at The Improv on Olympic, A very funny show indeed. Irreverent and borderline offensive. Mmmm! Wonder how Golden Globes would feel about him hosting next year over the mildly tame in comparison Ricky Gervais. Also my play opened last week, 'Me, As a Penguin' thanks to all that have attended so far, your support means a lot to me. We've also been hard at work on our website to bring you all the Brit news and info all in one place. We will let you know when it goes live and per…