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BLA BLA BLA! Newsletter Dec 11th 2010

Hi Breeps!

Not too long to for the holidays, noticed that fed-ex last Shipping dates are Dec 20th for Economy prices and Dec 22nd for Priority.

If you feel you are stuck for time, to either shop or wrap your gifts, I can highly recommend BLA member Kim Morgan Greene, here are a few pics, of her work and she is very reasonably priced --  contact kim directly at

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If you need a car, Joe Seymour is the guy to talk to. For those of you on a visa, the Foreign Business Professionals Plan is probably your best option as your credit score is not an issue. Leasing is also good for business as you can write a lot of the costs off as a business expense (talk to a tax advisor for full details). Joe is our guy at VW and can handle all your questions and concerns. His direct number is 310 266-8825 or email him at
You can even do the whole process over email and have a shi…

15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it.

As the student riots settle in the UK, it reminded me of a time when I was 15, I remembered the kids at my comprehensive going on strike. During the morning maths lesson, a note passed around the room, telling all students to gather outside the school gates after second period. I remember it saying something like, "We have had enough of the way the teachers are treating us and it's time to stand up to the bullies" I remember a rush of adrenaline. I looked over to a few others who were equally excited. When the bell rang, we all jumped down the stairs to meet about 50 other kids, chanting and banging on the school gates, more and more joined. Some kid got a cricket bat and smashed through the windscreen of a nearby car, some other kid started spray painting the words riot on the pavement! I got caught up in the hysteria with my mates. The deputy headmaster came to the gates with a megaphone and announced that any pupils that did not return to the…

Banksy Prints on Sale Sunday!!



Students fight with riot police in Westminster after a bill was passed by the coalition government which will increase university fees by up to £9000.00 per year in London December 09 2010.This is the fifth student protest in the last month with escalating violence and protests across the country. UPI/Hugo Philpott

Wow they should try paying tuition in America!!! Phew! What are your thoughts?

David Cameron asked about liking The Smiths (Prime Minister's Questions,...

An odd moment in the House of Commons!!

Imagine if Lennon was still alive, 30 years on

30 years ago the world lost a legend. Lets remember what an amazing talent he was. In the above piece, the doctor finally talks about that fateful day.

Lesley Manville |Acting

This gorgeous series of shorts '14 Actors acting', produced exclusively for The New York Times, features not only the extraodinarily talented Lesley Manville, but some of the most talented actors of the year and Oscar hopefuls such as; James Franco, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Javier Bardem, Anthony Mackie and Natalie Portman - Check them all out here.

I'll have a Babycham!

Our nation is known for heavy boozing but is losing its buzz this holiday season as alcohol sales are expected to plunge to their lowest level in 10 years in the UK. Aside from tough economic times, a report shows that young drinkers from 18-34 are drinking less as they are more aware of health worries. A senior drinks analyst, Jonny Forsyth, at a market research company called Mintel says: "Drinkers can no longer easily rationalise excesses as they become increasingly aware of the adverse effects of alcohol."What do you think? Is it due to the health conscious youn 'uns or the tax hike on alcohol?

Russell Brand as 'Rentaghost' !!


I'm with the Band

The lads from PURPLE MELON are having a Christmas party and it's free to BLA members if you RSVP HERE - It's at the world famous Crazy Girls, on La Brea. Thursday Dec 16th. The all-brit band played our world cup england vs. usa event with LACMA at the Peterson Museum. They were a riot. So lets go have some bevvies and hang out with the band.
To hear some of the bands music click here


Last night at in London, THE BRITISH FASHION AWARDS saw Daphne Guinness poses like a corpse in silver and gold with diamonds cascading down her thigh; Naomi Campbell looks just like you expect Naomi Campbell to look; and MTV's host Brit Alexa Chung, was honored with THE MOST STYLISH PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE. Do you agree?

ANOTHER YEAR - The latest offering from Brit Mike Leigh

Starring fab actors Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen & one of our favourites, Imelda Staunton!! Already out in the UK and done the festival circuit. Out in the US on December 29th .  Book your tickets now and support British film!!!

Mum's Birthday

Mum's Birthday
THE SCOTS ARE COMING!! And they would like to invite you along to the upcoming World Premier of Mum's Birthday at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.
Director Graham Fitzpatrick, Producer Sarah Drummond, Jackie McNally from Creative Scotland and the two young cast members will be in attendance and would be delighted to see some friendly faces to support us and to enjoy the film.  

Mum's Birthday (37 mins)
The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
Thursday 16th December 2010 at 6:15pm

Regent Showcase Cinema
614 North La Brea Avenue
Hollywood, 90036

Tickets are $10 for all films shown that evening.

Featuring first time performing young people living in Edinburgh's residential care homes, this poignant, time slicing drama, centres on newly single parent Alex who must tackle heartbreak to save the relationship with son Stephen on his wife's birthday, or risk losing the one thing in life…