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The Final 10 sing So What - The X Factor Live results 5 -

Missing your Saturday night fix of X-Factor? Join their youtube page to see the lastest performances and results


Winner of best editor at The 3rd annual Toscars last year - What movies do you think will be up for nomination next year?


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If you need a car, Joe Seymour is the guy to talk to. For those of you on a visa, the Foreign Business Professionals Plan is probably your best option as your credit score is not an issue. Leasing is also good for business as you can write a lot of the costs off as a business expense (talk to a tax advisor for full details). Joe is our guy at VW and can handle all your questions and concerns. His direct number is 310 266-8825 or email him at
You can even do the whole process over email and have a shiny new motor in a matter of days! -

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I just want to say a huge thank you Brits in LA for recommending Joe Seymour at Volkswagen Santa Monica - Joe was absolutely brilliant - he was super-efficient and found me my perfect car in only a couple of days from when I first contacted him on a Sunday evening! Joe wor…

Out in Vegas

Take the 10 freeway south to the 15 east and 4 and 1/2 hours later you will enter the city of Sin.  First tip, leave early and pee before hand. Brits in LA had originally planned to go Vegas to celebrate Guy Fawkes night (a British tradition to commemorate and remember the attempted blowing up of the houses of parliaments in the 1500's - It usually consists of a bunch of guys standing around a huge fire with a burning effigy of 'Guy Fawkes' The guy (pardon the pun) who was the traitor, was caught and burned at the stake. We celebrate by eating Jacket potatoes, mushy peas, drink beer and let off copious amounts of fireworks. Unfortunately two days before the trip the festivities were canceled, due to lack of fireworks permit. (God darn you America!)
The Queen Vic pub had arranged for us to have discounted rooms at the Riviera Hotel on the strip and still honored them so we all went anyways. Checking into the hotel is now like entering an airport, self service kiosks …