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Brits in LA Pub Quiz is Back!


Meet A Member: Michelle MosczinskyJuly 14, 2017 6:52 pm· Meet Michelle Mosczinsky from Glasgow, Scotland who moved to LA 23 years ago to pursue “a more fabulous life” Was there a particular reason you chose LA? I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I went to primary and part of secondary school there. Growing up we also lived in Spain, Germany, and Jersey in the Channel Islands. From a young age I was quite worldly. Growing up in the era of American TV shows like Dallas, Dynasty, Knotts Landing, etc. America seemed like a glamorous playground of the rich and famous. At the time, the original Beverly Hills 90210 aired on British TV and I watched the show for the first time. I was mesmerized that people actually lived in a place called Beverly Hills. All that sunshine and palm trees. I had just started at Offshore Trust Bank in Jersey and was all set for a career in banking, but honestly, I was bored stiff.  Next thing – a friend of the family offered me a PA position in her Los Angeles office…


Just one Cornetto, give it to me…!
So, yes… this summer ice cream is a thing! I know I know, every summer ice-cream is a thing. But this year, there are more and more parlours opening up in and around LA with flavors that you could never have imagined…until now. So I thought it only fair (and in the name of research, of course) that I go and visit a few of them for you.
Salt & Straw. This place looks to be LA’s hottest ice cream destination right now, if instagram is anything to go by. Located at 829 E 3rd St in Los Angeles with a sister location at 1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. They have an array of unusual flavors from “Black Olive Brittle” to “Toasted Strawberry”; however my favorite here was just the plain ol’ vanilla. Definitely worth checking out!Carmela Ice Cream, 7920 W 3rd St, Los Angeles. These great purveyors of icy deliciousness are kind enough to sell their wares at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Sundays, so I’m able to stock up without traveling too far. My favor…

Summer's here and the time is right!

Summer is turning up the heat – get out there and enjoy it!July 8, 2017 6:44 am· Summer is officially here, I hope you had a wonderful July 4th celebration. Although the loss of the American colonies was not a great thing for the British empire in the short term, for those of us who live here I think it’s turned out rather well, don’t you? Family fun: with my niece at Universal Studios There were a zillion fabulous displays all over the city this week, and I for one was amazed to see the coverage from one of the local news helicopters which revealed the entire city, from East LA to the Marina, getting lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. According to my British friends, the gridlock on the Westside to get near the fabulous display at the Marina was horrendous, so the smart money was on finding a friend with a good view and enjoying the display from their balcony. Another famously wonderful spot to see the fireworks is the Hollywood Bowl. This year I was lucky enough to get last …


Meet a Member: Marc SallisJuly 8, 2017 9:43 am·
Meet Marc Sallis from the Isle of Wight (via Essex and London) who moved to LA five years ago to pursue music and the arts. Was there a particular reason you chose LA? From the very first time I visited Los Angeles on tour I felt at home here. I’d lived in London for over 12 years before moving to LA, so when I was on tour with my band The Duke Spirit we couldn’t wait to get to LA and the sunshine. Even though when we’d pass through New York it felt like a slice of home and being back in London for a few days, when we’d hit Los Angeles it felt like I could stay forever. This city has everything I love about London and the Isle of Wight, where I grew up from the age of eight-years-old. It can have the urban hustle and bustle of London when you want it in downtown and Hollywood, but it also has all this greenery, like Griffith Park, the mountains, and the beach, which remind me of the best things about growing up on the Isle of Wight. So when…


(and a few Australian & Irish ones too!) 

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Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter July 3rd


Your Weekly Horoscope by Anne Shaw 
For the week of July 14th 2017

Stargazing with Annie ShawJuly 14, 2017 3:40 pm· ARIES: Take this week’s energy and move it in a positive area for you and make it work and then some. This rare and positive planet lineup will bring so many opportunities for good things to light up all the areas you need. TAURUS: 
He who hesitates is lost must be your mantra this week ahead. The planets are forcing you out of that old comfort zone of nostalga for days gone by. Best let the past go and move to a positive future. GEMINI
: Seems as though all around you are procrastinating – including you. If you do not make a decision this week it will continue, so keep on keeping on. Regardless all will work to your advantage mid-week. You have a good work week ahead. CANCER: Your inability to face your own downside, which is hiding under the shell of your crab-like nature will be your downfall in the end. This time it has a simple solution. Be sorry and mean it. Happy Birthd…

Don't Know What To do For July 4th?

Meet A Member - Melanie Escombe

Meet Melanie Escombe from Wimbledon, who moved to LA four years ago, after a ten year layover in Mullumbimby, Australia, to pursue a career in concert photography.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? The town I was living in in Australia was beautiful, but very small, essentially just two streets, and a beach at the end of the road. If I wanted to go to a big concert, museum, international art exhibit etc it was a 200 KM drive to the nearest city, Brisbane. My options were fairly limited work wise too. I’d set my heart on becoming a concert photographer, and with just two small pubs in town, and the big acts only coming to Brisbane once a month, I wasn’t likely to develop an impressive portfolio any time soon, but here in LA it’s a completely different story. There is so much happening here every night, from shooting classic rockers like Slash, and Billy Idol on Sunset Strip, to music superstars like Tom Petty at the Forum, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to shows. There i…

Goodbye from him and hello to her - Weekly musings

It’s goodbye from him….and hello to herJune 24, 2017 9:50 am· Every three and half to four years, the British residence gets a brand new Consul General and Deputy Consul General. About a month ago we bid farewell to Bernie Greene and welcomed Collette Weston, who has jumped right into the thick of things. She has already been to our weekly Breakfast Blub to meet members and she hosted a wonderful celebration for gay pride at the Abbey earlier this month, as well as attending a screening of British short films at the Soho House.Collette has even enjoyed an evening at the ballet. The new C-G seems to settling in nicely and I’m glad we are all making her feel welcome. Departing British C-G Chris O’Connor (above, with Helen Mirren) was a tireless promoter of British culture and business in Los Angeles It was also time to say goodbye to Chris O’Connor who has not only thrown some fabulous parties at his home for the last number of years but has also supported some of our wonderful causes an…